is s a certified Yoga therapy consultant, Hatha Yoga teacher and Integrative Cranio Sacral practitioner. He has over 10 years’ experience in the field of holistic healing, yoga and meditation. He has spent the last year and a half travelling through South East Asia, Australasia and Europe giving specialised workshops on health.

His passion is to study and combine different healing modalities . This has led him all over the world, working in muscular skeletal clinics in New Zealand, living and practising qi gong and meditation with Shaolin monks in China and spending over a month in silence in Thailand meditating.

I private consultation with Luke during Feb 2016

PRIS 950kr, 90 MIN

A therapeutic consultation takes into consideration the complete state of one’s health in terms of physical conditioning, emotional state, energetic balance, attitude, dietary and behavioural patterns, personal associations and relationships. Yoga therapy concentrates on the integration of the mind, body and spirit to heal the whole person.

In a consultation you will have an initial one hour interview and then a one on one yoga class with a specific program tailored for your needs. A pdf will then be sent showing all the techniques and then a follow up after a month to make sure you are continuing your progress.
Specializations include:

stress reduction,
retraining the nervous system,
hormonal balance,
improved sleep,
digestive health, spinal alignment,

In his classes he combines the latest scientific studies with 2,500 year old yogic techniques to create a unique experience honouring both the knowledge of the East and the West.

Email to book or call 0709285050

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